Arcserve & Webroot “Ransomware – Fighting a real problem with real solutions”

Safeguard your business with these ransomware protection best practices: Cyberthreats are getting smarter, technologies are more sophisticated, tricks are dirtier, and tactics are even more ruthless. We joint forces with Webroot to learn how ransomware has evolved and what are the best practices to protect businesses from these pricey attacks. Ransomware has rapidly risen in popularity as a method of attacking businesses and other large organisations. The most targeted businesses are in the financial, education and energy/utilities industries, which account for around two-thirds of ransomware attacks carried out or attempted last year. Watch this on demand webcast to learn more on; The Ransomware industry's rapid evolution and the rise of ransomware as a service Building a – Prevent | Detect | Remediate – Plan to fight back Best practices for creating a comprehensive backup strategy for recovering data (should an attack get through)

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