PanelCast About Preventing and Recovering From Ransomware

Ransomware is costing companies millions of dollars in downtime plus there's no way to account for the true cost of your company's name in the headlines as having been breached. There's no denying that ransomware is impacting every company, large and small. The question is - how can you protect yourself? And if you are hit with ransomware, how can you rapidly recover without business impact? On the upcoming ActualTech Media PanelCast, you'll learn about the challenges, opportunities, and realities when it comes to preventing and recovering from ransomware.  We’ll discuss ransomware attacks, awareness, prevention, and recovery methods. Here's the catch - we need your questions for our discussion! When you register, please include your most challenging ransomware questions and we'll be answering those questions on the live event!

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