Dharma Ransomware Awareness & Decryption | Cyber Security

Description: This video is awareness regarding ransomware & cyber security which describe dharma ransomware, how it encrypts the files, how it distracts the users and encrypt the files in the background. This video also describes the tips against ransomware, like how you can use protection against ransomware & how to decrypt ransomware encryption. you can use Kaspersky decryption tools to decrypt your encrypted files like wildfire decryptor tool So guys follow some security hygiene method to stay yourself protected from these viruses and ransomware. About This Channel My motive is to provide complete training for windows server, Exchange Server, MCSE, CCNA and other technical Knowledge related to IT, like cloud computing with AWS, Microsoft Azure, etc. Whenever it is possible, I try to create a real-world scenario for better understanding. Some Video Links: 1.Complete Active Directory Concepts https://youtu.be/oov2uLHya9E 2. Blocking website by windows server 2012 firewall https://youtu.be/Gp-GfLrtcaM 3. Trust Between Two Forest https://youtu.be/F7DgXAXNnC8 Website: techijack.com Email: info@techijack.com https://www.facebook.com/Techi-Jack-2244739159188581

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