MOKA Virus | How to remove MOKA Virus | .MOKA RANSOMWARE

Moka ransomware is another variant from STOP family of malware and as always, it just adapted everything from its predecessors. Nothing new on this edition except that appended file extension on encrypted files, which is obviously .moka. The spread campaign that is known effective in deploying Moka ransomware is through spam emails, malicious advertisements, software piracy, and links that points to aggressive web pages. Of all the mentioned techniques, Moka ransomware developer’s finds high success rate in infecting the computer by mass-mailing the virus to random email recipients. In this scheme, the malicious code is attached to email while pretending as valuable document file and hackers designed it not to look like an executable type. But once user opens it, it initiates the first stage of the attack where it will drop a number of malicious files on the computer. how to remove moka virus how to repair infected file from moka virus how to repair corrupt file from moka virus.

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