3ways to remove every ransomware(.Domn, .kvag, .Meds, .Peta, .Moka, .Seto)

Hello, this video is for removing ransomware with the voice guide instruction these are only way to remove encryption Ways to Remove Ransomware Encryption 1. Restoring Backups This is applicable if you have taken backup of important data on separate local drive or cloud storage. Copy the backed up data on a storage disk and confirm it isn't affected by looking for encrypted files. Also, scan this disk with proven anti-malware program like MalwareFox possibly on unaffected computer. Format the affected disk with encrypted data and restore the backed up data safely. 2. Using Decryption Tools Most of the ransomware encryption techniques have been recognized owing to their popularity. As a result, decryption tools have been developed which can rescue data without paying ransom. For this, you have to identify the ransomware affecting your PC. This software, when matched with correct ransomware family, can decrypt your files for free. Visit NoMoreRansom.org Identify the type of ransomware by uploading ransomware note, email or web address. If they are able to identify, you will be provided with a solution in next step. There is, however, a problem. Not all ransomware families have had decryptors created for them, and in many cases, people are unable to create decryptors because the ransomware is utilizing advanced and sophisticated encryption algorithms. Then, even if there is a decryptor, it’s not always clear if it’s for right version of the malware. You don’t want to further encrypt your files by using the wrong decryption script. Alternatively, you can visit ??ID Ransomware by the Malware Hunter Team and upload the ransom note or one of your encrypted files and it will tell you exactly what you are dealing with. After that, you can either enter the name of the ransomware and ‘decryptor’ into a search engine and you should hopefully find some good results. 3. Negotiating OK, you neither have backups elsewhere nor the decryptor for your ransomware is available. In such case, only solution is to pay the criminals to claim your data. However, there is a catch. You don't always have to pay the demanded amount (read: heavy). You can pay them smaller amount to get files back. To do that, contact them on the given email address or send message via contact form about negotiation. They simply want money and for them something is better than nothing. So, chances are high that they will decrypt it for small amount of profit. To be absolutely clear, we do not endorse or support paying cybercriminals the ransom. However, it has to be understood that for some folks, the loss of files would be far more damaging than just paying the ransom fee. This helps to remove every ransomware Just do it and get it

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