How To Enable Protection Against Ransomware In Office 365 Admin Center #Office365

  • 4 months ago
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1. Go to Office 365 Admin Center 2. Hover on "Graph" icon 3. Click on "Security & Compliance" 4. Click on "Exchange admin center" 5. Click on "Rules" under mail flow section 6. Click on "Add" icon 7. Select "Create a new rule" It opens in a new window 8. Click the drop down to select a condition 9. For example, I am selecting to "The recipient address includes" for applying the rule You can select anyone 10. Enter, for example You can add specific words or phrases which you want to include in the condition 11. Click on "Add" icon 12. Click "Ok" to save 13. Click the drop down, to select the action which you want to be taken on the above selected condition 14. For example, I am selecting an action as, "Delete the message without notifying anyone" For example, I am selecting to, "The recipient address includes", for applying the rule. You can select anyone 15. Click on "Save" #DAP #Guide #Automation Created by MyGuide.Org, Create your own FREE How-To guides with video and automation via MyGuide.Org

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