Ransomware Can Destroy lives!

Ransomware- Is your business ready for an attack? Here are some eye-opening statistics: Cybercrime has cost the Australian economy up to $1 billion annually in direct costs alone. (ACIC, 2019) Cybercrime is expected to cost $6 trillion globally by 2021 (Cyberventures, 2016) Australia is ranked 5th in the amount of exposed records by country at 20,035,981 — an average of 834,833 exposed records per breach (Risk Based Security, Inc, 2018) Australians are reporting incidents of cybercrime about every 10 minutes, according to statistics released by the nation's cyber security watchdog. Victoria made up the bulk of those reports at 26 per cent (3,027 reports), followed by NSW with 25 per cent (2,922). Business Owners - you need to have a Technology Discovery Session and Technology Road Map to go through your business’s technology, security and services. We can work out where your vulnerabilities are and how we can come up with an action plan and road map for the future. It's a discussion your business needs to have ASAP. Speak to us today and don’t become another cybercrime statistic. Video Credit: https://cisco.com - We use Cisco Umbrella and highly recommend using for your DNS and Web Protection.

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