Travelex Ransomware Attack what happened and how to protect yourself

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Biz Tech Tips, episode 95 Travelex handles the currency exchanges for multiple high level banks in Europe, and currency exchange has been brought to a halt due to a ransomeware attack they experienced. For those unfamiliar, a ransomware attack is where all of the files on a computer get encrypted by a cyber criminal and they demand a ransom to give you the key so that you can decrypt your files. It is almost impossible to decrypt your files without their key, so prevention is key here. Travelex in particular has individual employees unable to access anything on their computer for more than a week. Ways to prevent being handcuffed by ransomeware: 1. Have full data backup in place 2. Have speedy backup recovery 3. Have cloud services 4. Proactive on spam For Travelex, it looks like it was caused due to compromised credentials, which usually happens from getting a spam link or downloading an attachment that came from a questionable source. People tend to think that they'd recognize all spam that is bad because we see obviously bad spam all the time. However, these dangerous emails can often look like real emails coming from real companies or from colleagues. It's best to be skeptical of all links and attachments and verify the source. Check out more Biz Tech Tips: Business IT tips ➤➤➤ Are you looking for help with your IT for business? If you are on the west coast, book a free call with me to see if we can help Expand your knowledge and get 2 audiobooks FREE when you sign up for an Amazon Audible 30 day free trial ➤➤➤ Subscribe for more videos like this-

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